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The choose of Daria and Alexey, the heating system for their townhouse. discover story


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two people using hot water daily

Dasha: Hey) Winter is coming...We should decide, how we are going to heat our house, and what we are going to do with hot water, otherwise there is no point moving into the house.

Lyosha: I’ll talk to my friends now, and ask them, how they heat their country houses.

Dasha: Ask. We need something that can cope with the hard water, heats quickly...something that won’t bankrupt us with expensive bills...and it should look good in the house...

1h 12min later

Lyosha: Are you here? Google the turbofan boiler, it heats the water and the radiators at the same time. People say, it looks good and it’s economical. On the forums they recommend buying it with the device that adjusts the set temperature according to the weather, it heats up the house if there is a sudden frost and reduces the heating if the day is warmer.

Dasha: And how does the boiler know if it is getting colder or not? Does it read the weather report? (Are there some that are made in Europe, because if we buy it should serve us till the rest of our life.)

Lyosha: There is an external sensor. (There are some European, catch the link.) change as above

Dasha: Got it, nice, it looks great!

Lyosha: Here is the advert... it’s possible to adjust the temperature while we’re on our way back home :)

Dasha: )))

Lyosha: They write about extra long service life. We can leave it for our children as a legacy)) Imagine, the gas-fired boiler will outlast us...

Dasha: Everything is ashes?))

Lyosha: )))

From the skype conversation of Dariya and Alexey, the architects from Saint-Petersburg.

and schema

Compact wall hung boiler with intelligent control system is a comfortable solution for small house.

When there is a lower consumption of hot water, say for 2-3 people, the wall hung boiler with the 2 heating circuits will cope with the workload easily, without any reduction in performance of the heating circuit. GENUS EVO 24 FF is the best solution. It’s quiet, efficient and accurately maintains the desired temperature.

Intelligent control device SENSYS makes the controlling of the heating circuit easier. Moreover, it’s possible to set the temperature in the room according with a day of the week and time of the day.


up to 20% fuel savings while the control system is connection


extended warranty for 3 years

GENUS EVO — one of the quietest boilers by Ariston

and installation

You can always contact one of the 400 authorized Ariston centers in Russia and Belarus.

Ariston hotline+7 495 777 33 00


A brilliantly simple heating system


Lifehack for the big family


Hi-end solution for the big house


Conventional compact wall-hung boiler.


Conventional compact wall-hung boiler.



3 years



Power24 kWt

Heating area up to 240 m2

Efficiencyup to 93.1%

HWC capacity, ∆Т=25°С13.9 liters/min

Size770x400x315 mm

Warranty3 years

Made inItaly

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The SENSYS system interface can be used to communicate with the boiler from your favourite room in the house.


The SENSYS system interface can be used to communicate with the boiler from your favourite room in the house.

    It offers and domestic hot water control.
  • Simple and efficient room temperature adjustment;
  • intuitive and easy to read navigation;
  • daily and night room temperature setting;
  • weekly programmer for heating and DHW;
  • visualization of the CO2 saved;
  • complete control of all systems components through the communication protocol BUS BridgeNet®;
  • Italian design.
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Outdoor temperature sensor

When connected to the boiler allows you to achieve the maximum level of comfort, more economical and optimal operation of the boiler.

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