A brilliantly simple heating system

Ivan Vasilievich, the radio-engineer and old age pension, tells about the simple and brilliant solution for heating of his house. discover story


heating area


two people daily using hot water

Hello Old Friend!

I am still living in the countryside. I have decided to stay here over the winter. My sweet grandson is coming to spend the New Year holidays with me. I wanted to fix my stove but finding a stovemaster in this area is like trying to find a needle in a haystack these days.

Well, there is one in a village 50km away but he is extortionately expensive. So, I have installed a boiler. I personally would do without, but I have my children coming to stay. I designed the system myself and spent a long time choosing the boiler. I wanted to find a good quality one that wouldn’t break. I looked very deeply into it, checked it inside – everything is shiny, which is a common thing for Italians. It’s very reliable but good looking too! The boiler works on gas, which it uses sparingly, and will serve me for a long time. I can even maintain it myself, but there are specialists in the nearest city if I need any help.

I'm close to finishing my Perpetuum Mobile, I mean my tractor, so when you come would you please bring some things with you? I have attached a list of what I need. Take care and come quickly!

Ivan Vasilievich, radio-engineer, Kola science centre RAS

and schema

Low cost and simple solution for small houses – traditional economy class wall-hung boiler.

The conventional wall-hung boiler will be effective for heating and hot water supply in a small house, for up to 3 people.

Therefore, the most appropriate solution is a traditional boiler economy class EGIS PLUS 24 FF.

The boiler can be installed and run in one day and does not require significant alterations to the house.

Heating and hot water in one device


extended warranty for 3 years.

EGIS PLUS — the most cost efficient solution by Ariston

and installation

You can always contact one of the 400 authorized Ariston centers in Russia and Belarus.

Ariston hotline+7 495 777 33 00


Aesthetics, comfort and hi-tech


Lifehack for the big family


Hi-end solution for the big house


Economy class wall-hung gas boiler with auto function


Economy class wall-hung gas boiler with auto function



in Italy




Power24 kWt

Heating area up to 240 m2


Heating circuit capacity, ∆t=25°С13.6 l/min

Size770x400x315 mm

Warranty3 years

Made inItaly

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